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Mind Your Own Weight Loss

One of the most obnoxious things I see people do is mind the weight loss of others instead of their own personal journey, and my question is, WHY? Who are you to make snide remarks and judgements on people and how they navigate this sometimes impossible journey? As I’ve said so many times before, weight loss is never a ‘one and done’ journey. Before so many people reach their goals, they lose their footing and have to find their way back. What they / I / we don’t need is the judgement and unwarranted criticism from people not in our shoes. If I lost 30lbs and gain 10 back, it’s not your place to berate me or give me advice and feedback I didn’t ask for. If someone decides to have weight loss surgery, you don’t have a right to make comments like, “they did it the easy way.” There is NOTHING easy about weight loss, no matter how you achieve the results. Because once you lose the weight, the battle of keeping it off begins. One thing people on a journey to better health and fitness know is their own bodies and what needs to be done to make changes. We don’t need unsolicited reminders of where we started and what we need to do.

If you want to be helpful, continue to speak words of encouragement, even if you know someone has fallen off the better health and fitness wagon. Keep your unwarranted advice to yourself. Keep your snide remarks to yourself. Just mind your business in general, unless your feedback is solicited. Weight loss is such a hard journey to navigate without those who are not in your shoes trying to micromanage your journey. Remember that you don’t owe anyone progress updates and you don’t have to explain what struggles you endure that deter you from your ultimate goals. You don’t have to be perfect on this journey, and you don’t have to allow anyone to beat you down mentally when you slip up on the road to better fitness. Success takes work. It oftentimes requires us to fall and get back up again, rinse and repeat. And when anyone oversteps their boundaries about your health and fitness, be deliberate in correcting them. Part of the reason so many people stress and turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms is because we often don’t want to face those that treat us unkind head-on. We internalize the uncivil treatment from those claiming to care for us by saying, “They meant well.” But I have news for you and them. Meaning well does not mean the message was received well. Meaning well doesn’t lessen the sting when someone oversteps their boundaries about your body, your fitness, and your health. You don’t have to stay silent and nod your head when that happens.

Before I go, I want you to know that if this blog tugged your wig in any way, I ask that you to be more deliberate in how you interact with people on a journey to better fitness and health. Keep your unwarranted, unsolicited comments, concerns, and advice to yourself, because a majority of the time, going in guns blazing for something that is not your business does far more harm than good. In closing, mind your weight loss and yours alone.


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