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A Delicate Balance

We often forget to prepare for the roadblocks we encounter on fitness journeys, such as travel and vacation. The truth is, when you’re traveling and on vacation, the goal is to have as much fun as possible, rest and laze around, and eat amazing food. You don’t plan a vacation with diet and exercise in mind, well I know I don’t. But as I’ve been embarking on my fitness journey, I’ve found myself thinking of ways not to blow the progress I’ve been making while here in Philadelphia (you know, home to the Philly Cheesesteak). I decided I wasn’t bringing workout clothing on this trip after an exhausting 3-4 weeks of work. As a first time visitor to a historically rich city, I compromised with myself that I would get those 30 minutes of workout time via walking and sightseeing. You can always enjoy a vacation and stay active by sightseeing and exploring a beautiful city/country on foot. But that’s not the biggest roadblock. It’s the food that will challenge your soul.

Eating while on vacation is where you link up with our girl GRACE from the last blog while also holding yourself accountable. I avoided excessive snacking in the airport. It’s tempting to stop and grab 2 donuts and coffee before your flight boards, but I stuck to water and a protein bar. When I arrived in Philly, I went to CVS and got a 4-pack of protein meal replacement shakes for breakfast. I then decided I would have to choose during which meal I would have my most calories, lunch or dinner. Our first night here we went to a birthday dinner and I opted to go with crab cakes and two vegetable sides vs mac and cheese or non-brown rice. I had water and a glass of wine, no soda or juice. After eating, I skipped the birthday cake and decided I was done snacking for the night as I didn’t have access to healthier snacks. At the end of the night, I was happy that I allowed myself to enjoy food and wine within reason. For the rest of my visit, I made our friends aware that I wanted to eat good food that wasn’t severely unhealthy, to which they took into account. We grilled, had non-fried seafood, and frequented restaurants with healthy food options.

When you travel and vacation, you can enjoy food, even the not-so-healthy ones when eaten in moderation. You don’t have to limit and restrict yourself from local foods and restaurants that people recommend. I used some sense and enjoyed my meals, but knew when to pull back and find healthy alternatives, and you can too. You got this. WE got this. And as we continue to Waist Away, we’ll be forever grateful for our girl GRACE and moderation!

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