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Not Just a Resolution...

It’s more than just a fad. It’s more than a resolution for the new year. It takes commitment and attainable goals. So let’s talk 2020 goals.


As I usher in the New Year, I have to first say that my family and I lost a big piece of our puzzle in the passing of my Father-In-Law. He is extremely missed and will always be in our hearts and memories, and we thank him for all he did. In dealing with his passing and being there for my husband and mother-in-law, I realized that I need to turn my pain into purpose and find a way to center myself so that I’m not grief stricken and downtrodden in the start of 2020. I’m going to go into 2020 loving and encouraging myself so that I can love and encourage those around me. I want to love myself by continuing this fitness and health journey. I never stopped going to the gym, but I was going begrudgingly, and that took some of the passion and purpose away from the ultimate goal. I realize I have to be more accountable and flexible so that I can finish what I started. I plan to encourage myself to keep going, keep striving for success and keep believing that I’m either going to be my own biggest supporter or my own biggest sabotager. I’m considering giving Keto a solid try, and that mixed with consistent strides in the gym could really give me some amazing results. My plan is to lose 5-8lbs. monthly for the first 6 months of the year, and then reflect on if/how I achieved this goal and if I didn’t, how can I in the second half of the year.


This year was filled with painful lessons that I needed to learn to move on to a new year. As I celebrate this new year, I am so blessed to have a chance to keep promises to myself that I have let go in the past. In 2020, I owe myself the love that I have given others. That love includes taking care of my body the way that it has taken care of me. This body has carried me, given me two beautiful and loving children and shows me everyday that miracles are possible. Now that I have finally healed completely from surgery, my plan to start working out is beginning. The work that I have done this year is to untie working out from weight loss and instead focus on the gym being a place for my mental health. Now that I have done that, I hope that the gym will no longer feel like a chore, but instead feel like a safe haven for me. I am working towards giving up red meat because it does not love me the way that I love it, and incorporating more plant based foods into my diet. I also made a vow to completely give up fast food for the entire month of January, for budgeting and body purposes, and to use that as my base. I am very hopeful that this year will be the year that I change my body for the better.


2018 going into 2019 (and pretty much the entirety of 2019) has been one of the most trying times of my life. From mental health to physical health to car troubles to financial woes, it has been difficult to keep myself afloat, let alone make strides with weight loss and fitness. But I am proud to say that I have been taking the necessary steps to manage my mental illness, and I believe that is the first critical step to seriously tackling my weight and health issues. 2020 will be about success. It will be about abundance. Confidence. Growth. And it’s only the beginning. WIth my support system in tow, I am ready to conquer the things that have held me back all this time, including myself. It won’t be easy, nor will it be a linear journey. But no gain can be achieved without pain.

Whether you’ve been on your journey for some time or you’re on a “New Year New Me” kick, know that success is there for the taking. Don’t be afraid to use the resources around you in 2020. You deserve to achieve the health and body you desire. 2020 will be all about achieving our goals. So let’s go!


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